The school is committed to ensuring that all pupils have access to an enriched and safe school environment and curriculum that provides them with the opportunities and sense of security to meet and develop their social, moral, spiritual and cultural needs.

The school has five key values which are embedded into the school curriculum, rewards, assemblies and enrichment activities. These values build on the development of British Values, including:

  • democracy
  • the rule of law
  • individual liberty
  • mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith

Each school term focuses on a different value. Our school values are;

Bayards Hill Core Values

1.            We all have different skills to offer - Know Yourself

2.            We all respect each other - Understand Others

3.            We are all a team - Work Together

4.            We can all achieve - Aim High

5.            We are all global citizens - Think Big

Alongside these values, the student council have developed three clear rules that underpin all expectations of pupils.

Bayards Hill's Golden Rules

  1. We are gentle, we don't hurt others
  2. We are kind, we don't hurt anybody's feelings
  3. We listen, we don't interrupt
  4. We are honest, we don't cover up the truth
  5. We work hard, we don't waste our own or other's time
  6. We look after property, we don't waste or damage anything

These rules are key to our school ethos of inclusion, respect and ambition.

School Houses

The school has four houses, Morpurgo, Wilson, Blackman and Rosen, named after leading 21st century authors.

Each child within the school is assigned a house; these are used for sporting and academic competitions, with each house competing to win the end of term trophy. The school ensures that there are mixtures of awards, allowing learners of all ages to have a chance to shine.

Praise and recognition of achievements is very important to all of our teachers. Details of how these rewards are integral to our behaviour expectations can be found in our behaviour policy.