At S4A we give the opportunity for children to learn new skills and sports and develop existing ones. Our coaches, qualified in a range of different sports, carefully tailor their lesson plans for each specific class and children to ensure each child has the same opportunity and encouragement to reach their next level and expand their knowledge in Physical Education.

Our lessons are broken down into four different sections. The first section is our sport related cardiovascular warm up. The aim is to get the children physically and mentally ready for the lesson ahead, to show the children the importance of warming up before exercise and why we do so.

The second section is the technical skill part of the lesson. This is where we learn or practice a specific skill in the Sport we are working on. The first part of our technical will be unopposed work to ensure all children understand the fundamental movements and techniques required to execute what we are working on and all be successful in doing so. The S4A coach will add progressions during the technical skill practice to challenge the children and give them the opportunity to practice the skills taught in an opposed situation.

The third section of the lesson is a game related exercise, allowing all skills learnt in the technical practice to be put into a game like situation. The children are challenged to perform the technical skill in a match-like pressured situation, allowing the children to work on their decision-making in the process.

Finally we finish with a cool down. This may either be sport related, with some technique based activity as a physical debrief or it may be the S4A coach leading a mental debrief. With children challenged to answer questions and explain what we have learnt and improved in today's lesson.