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Bayards Hill Primary School

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At Bayards Hill creativity and precision are at the forefront of our writing lessons. We strive to develop confident, young writers who are not only grammatically accurate, but have stylistic flair and a limitless imagination. Outlined below are a few of the ways that we are striving to achieve this goal.

Literacy Resources

During our daily Literacy lessons Teachers in Years 2 - 6 use high-quality writing activities taken from Ruth Miskin's 'Literacy and Language' programme. Daily writing is at the heart of Literacy and Language. Alongside the main, extended writing activities, opportunities are taken every day to create shorter pieces of writing. This allows children to focus on very specific skills, build up their confidence and stamina for writing, and develop their understanding of audience and purpose. For more information about how writing is developed through the Literacy and Language programme visit:

Literacy and Language Writing Activity Books

Inventive Hooks

In order to write well children need to be fully absorbed in what they are learning. We are therefore committed to creating exciting lessons to spark the imaginations of every child. In Year 5, for example, in the build up to an extended piece of writing on Newspaper reports, some 'fishy' goings on were captured on 'CCTV' and shown to the children. The children then conducted interviews of members of staff before writing their own Newspaper Reports to go in the weekly school newsletter.



CCTV Footage showing the mysterious fish thief at work.



Interview with Mr Foster (Year 5 Teacher) following the theft.

Spoken Language

The new National Curriculum places huge emphasis upon spoken language. It states, 'The quality of and variety of language that pupils hear and speak are vital for developing their vocabulary and grammar for writing.' As such, throughout the school, we use carefully constructed 'Talk Partner' work, whereby children answer questions with a partner, comment on each other's ideas, and build upon each other's thoughts. This means that before putting pen to paper our children are able to orally rehearse what they will write, leading to a higher-quality end product.


With the introduction of the new National Curriculum, the level at which children are expected to use and apply grammatical terminology has been raised substantially. The table below shows a snapshot of the punctuation and grammar framework for each year.

At Bayards, Children are taught the importance of using grammar correctly, so that they can communicate clearly and convey their meaning effectively. Every lesson begins with a Grammar Starter linked to the text type the children are working on that week. This allows every child to learn and then practice that skill, before then applying their knowledge independently during Friday's extended wrinting session.