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Bayards Hill Primary School

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Vision and Values

Our School Values are:

Be yourself

Understand others

Work together

Aim High

Believe Big

We focus on one value per ½ term and we also teach practical applications of the value in wider curriculum lessons.


Our School Rules are:

1.We arrive on time ready to learn

2.We try our best when things are hard, we work together

3.We respect each other, our equipment and our property


Our School Motto is:

Believe Bigger, Aim Higher


Our School Mission Statement is:

At Bayards Hill Primary School we believe that everything is possible - all we need are the essentials for learning and life that help children succeed.

We celebrate diversity.

We work together to educate every child.

We create lasting memories through an innovative curriculum.

Our school is a safe and caring community that helps children to succeed, develop positive attitudes and value themselves and others.


Our School Colleges are named after leading 21st century authors

Morpurgo - Blue

Wilson - Green

Blackman - Yellow

Rosen -Red


Each child within the school is assigned a college; these are used for sporting and academic competition. The College with the most 'smilies' gets a College House colours day at the eof ead half term. The school ensures that there are mixtures of awards, allowing learners of all ages to have a chance to shine. Siblings are assigned to the same college.