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Bayards Hill Primary School

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At Bayards Hill we have a passion for reading. We recognise the transformative impact that being a confident reader can have on a childs learning. Our aim, therefore, is to help every child develop a life-long love of reading. Outlined below are a few of the ways that we are striving to achieve this goal.

Literacy Resources

During our daily Literacy lessons Teachers in Years 2 - 6 use high-quality texts taken from Ruth Miskin's 'Literacy and Language' programme. Literacy and Language is based on Anthologies of carefully chosen complete stories, plays, poems and non-fiction texts by leading children's authors including Michael Morpurgo, Jeremy Strong, Roger McGough, and Ted Hughes. The range of stories, plays, poems and non-fiction texts in Literacy and Language provide an opportunity for children to read texts which are absorbing, challenging and deep enough to dive into, while being accessible to all children. For more information about how reading is developed through the Literacy and Language programme visit:

Literacy and Language Anthology Resources

Guided Reading

In order for our children to experience a full range of high quality fiction and non-fiction texts, we run a daily group reading session before lunch. This ensures that every child gets to read with an adult at least twice a week, thereby helping them to grow in confidence and read easily, fluently and with good understanding. When it's not a child's turn to read with an adult then they complete other reading activities aimed at developing their habit of reading widely, both for pleasure and information.  

Example class reading timetable

Book Bags

To encourage children to read as much and as widely as possible, every child at Bayards Hill is given a school book bag. This allows them to take books from class reading areas, our school library or our reading schemes home to read out loud to their family and friends. In each book bag is a reading record. This provides parents with a chance to track how well their child is reading at home and to communicate any reading triumphs, worries or concerns with the class teacher. To add an extra incentive to reading at home, we also have a school wide reading challenge called 'Race to 50'. Here, every time a child reads at home they earn a point, and once they have 50 points they win a prize. Each class celebrates how well they are doing through an attractive 'Race to 50' display.

Year 4 Race to 50 Space Display

Year 1 Race to 50 Car Display

School Library

Bayards has recently opened a brand new whole school library. The library has a huge selection of non-fiction books enabling classes to carry out research projects into topic areas ranging from healthy eating to the Victorians. It also has a magnificent fiction section, where children can immerce themselves in the very best fantasy, adventure, mystery and animal books. Check out the pictures of our library below:

The fiction section of the School Library.

The non-fiction section of the School Library.

The front entrance to the School Library.


Parent Reading Workshops

At Bayards Hill we recognise the important role that parents and carers play in supporting their child with reading. In collaboration with our Reading Recovery teachers and members of the Oxfordshire Reading Quest Team, across December Bayards hosted a series of parent reading workshops. These were aimed at supporting parents with how best to develop good reading habits at home. The sessions were very well attended and it was great to hear from our enthusiastic parents all the creative ways they find to squeeze in daily reading at home. 


Reading Events

Over the course of the year Bayards has put on a number of exciting reading events to help promote a passion for reading and love of books. In Autumn Term the school was visited by the world famous author Michael Morpurgo, who visited each class and spent the afternoon reading with the children. Recently, as part of the World Book Day celebrations, our children have also taken part in the Reading Recovery 'Read Aloud' scheme. We invited our governors into the school to hear children from Reception through to Year 6 reading a bit of their favourite book. The children loved the chance to show off their reading skills and build their confidence at reading aloud. Check out some snaps taken on the day:

Emmy and Corey (Year 3) after reading with our Chair of Governors

Mrs Cadman reading with Hailey (Year 5)