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Bayards Hill Primary School

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How do we know if our SEN provision is effective?


The progress of all children/young people is tracked throughout the school through Classroom Monitor.

In addition, for children/young people with SEN we regularly review progress towards agreed outcomes assessing whether the support that is in place has made a difference and what we need to do next.

We evaluate this progress against age related expectations.

The success of the school’s SEN provision is evaluated through:

  •   Monitoring of classroom practice by SENCO and other members of the Senior Leadership Team.
  •   Analysis of pupil tracking data and test results for individuals and pupil groups
  •   Monitoring of procedures and practice by the SEN governor regularly
  •   Monitoring of the quality of Pupil Profiles and review meetings
  • School self-evaluation and the School Improvement Plan
  • When we run special intervention programmes for groups of children we assess how successful they have been and use that information to decide on how best to run them in the future.


For further information see the  SEN Policy