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Bayards Hill Primary School

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How do we adapt our curriculum for pupils with SEN?

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum for all children and young people, including those with SEN. The way we adapt this is set out in the School Accessibility Plan. 


At Bayards Hill, offer a number of intervention programmes in a range of areas, led by additional teachers, learning mentors and teaching assistants. We ensure staff are well-trained and confident to run these interventions, and have developed “specialist” TAs in certain areas.

To support numeracy needs, TAs and specialist teachers have been trained in 1st Class @ Number, Rapid Maths and we have a specialist Numbers Count teacher.

For writing and spelling, we use Read, Write, Inc, FFT wave 2 and 3, and Precision Teaching. For our dyslexic children we offer an intervention called Toe by Toe.

To support with reading, we are using Read, write, Inc, New Reading and Thinking and Rapid Readers.  We also employ a specialist teacher for Reading Recovery and offer Reading Quest to Year 3 children who require support.

In order to support Speech and Language, we are developing our use of Talkboost in Foundation stage and KS1 and will be introducing speech and language screening in Early Years to further identify the needs of our children.

Bayards Hill employs a speech and language therapist once a week to provide 1:1 sessions as well as training and supporting staff to deliver Lego Therapy and Zones of Regulation in Key Stage 2.

Finally, our team of learning mentors are running a number of Social and emotional interventions, such as, SEAL, There’s a Volcano in my tummy, nurture groups and 1:1 support. 2 of our learning mentors are currently training with the Educational Psychology service to become ELSAs (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants) as well as training with the support of the Behaviour Support Service. Some of these interventions are delivered 1:1 and others in small groups.

Pupils very much enjoy these interventions, and we are working hard to improve the links between these interventions and work within the classroom. Bayards Hill employs a play therapist twice a week who works with children on a 1:1 basis or in a group to develop emotional literacy, self-esteem and confidence through play.