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Bayards Hill Primary School

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Our Aim

At Bayards Hill our aim is to help every child develop a passion for English. We recognise that the skills of reading, writing and spelling are hugely important and so place great emphasis on delivering creative and inspiring lessons where all children have the chance to excell.  

Key Values

  • Enthusiasm - we strive to create enthusiastic, lifelong readers and writers.
  • Challenging - we seek to stimulate and challenge children's thinking.
  • Confidence - we aim to develop children confident in the arts of speaking and listening.
  • Accuracy - we look to ensure our children write clearly, accurately and coherently.  

Curriculum Overview

At Bayards Hill literacy is taught every day between 9.30 and 10.30. Children in Years 2 - 6, who have completed Read Write Inc, take part in the Literacy and Language programme which is designed to develop children's reading comprehension, writing composition and grammar knowledge. Reading, meanwhile, is taught via guided reading, where the children experience a range of high quality books chosen from our extensive library collection. Working in small ability groups pupils are guided through the texts developing their ability to read easily, fluently and with good understanding.

Want to find out more?

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