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Bayards Hill Primary School

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School Attendance Policy

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Attendance Newsletter January 2017

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At Bayards Hill we seek to ensure that all pupils receive a full-time education which maximizes opportunities for every student to reach his/her full potential. All staff will work with pupils and their families to ensure each pupil attends school regularly and punctually. We believe that the most important factor in promoting good attendance is the development of positive attitudes towards school and learning.

Academic Year Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
2015 - 2016 93.8% 93.8% 93.2%
2016 - 2017 95.8% 96.1% 96%

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School Procedures

  • Any child who is absent from school at the morning or afternoon registration period must have their attendance recorded as being authorised, unauthorised or as an approved educational activity.
  • Doors open to pupils at 8.45am and morning registration takes place at 8.50am. The teachers will keep the registers open for 10 minutes.
  • Any pupil arriving after this time will be marked as having an unauthorised absence unless there is an acceptable explanation.
  • Parents/Carers must inform the school if their child is going to be absent on or before the first day.
  • When making medical/dental appointments, every effort must be made to ensure appointments are outside school hours but we acknowledge that this is not always possible.  Medical/Dental appointments must be accompanied by an appointment card or other written confirmation.

Absence from School

First Day Absence

Parents/Carers must inform the school if their child is going to be absent by 9.30am.  In cases where the school has not been contacted, the school office will contact you via telephone, text or email.  In cases where we cannot get hold of parents/carers arrangements will be made to make a home visit.

Frequent Absence

It is the responsibility of the Deputy Head Teacher in charge of attendance to be aware of, and bring attention to, any emerging attendance concerns.

In cases where a pupil begins to develop a pattern of absences, the school will try to reslove any concerns with parents/carers.

Where incidents of poor attendance and/or lateness are identitifed through monitoring, parents/carers will be notified in writing that this is a cause for concern.  if this continues, the school will invite parents/carers in to discuss causes and ways to move forward.


Best & Most Improved Class Attendance

Each week there is a certificate for the class with the best attendance and the class with the most improved attendance from the previous week.  The class at the end of each half term with the most number of best attendance certificates will be invited for Tea and Cakes with the Head Teacher and Chair of Governors.

Term 1 winners were Classical Class (Year 3).

Term 2 winners were Sibelius Class (Year 6).

Term 3 winners were Elgar Class (Year 6)


Class Name Percentage
Harmony 94.9%
Melody 92.2%
Acapella 95.1%
Symphony 95.9%
Rhythm 97.1%
Blues 93%
Classical 97.5%
Jazz 97.3%
Baroque 96.5%
Octave 96.7%
Mozart 94.6%
Beethoven 95.3%
Sibelius 97.7%
Elgar 96.8%


100% Attendance

100 of our pupils were awarded at the end of the Autumn Term for having 100% attendance.  They received a special certificate, badge and postcard home.  Children can collect all three badges if they achieve 100% attendance for all three terms.

96+% Attendance

Pupils who achieved over 96% attendance were also rewarded with a special certificate and a postcard home.

Improved Attendance

Attendance is monitored on a regular basis and any improvements in attendance is therefore noticed.  This improvement is recognised with a postcard home during the term and special sticker at the end of term.

At the end of this page there are various photographs celebrating the different attendance rewards that we have got on offer.