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Bayards Hill Primary School

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School Starts September 5th

September Newsletter for Parents

Things to note ready for the new term...


All children must wear full school uniform including appropriate black shoes.  If parents would like their child to change shoes for outdoor play e.g. for football, these must be provided separately.  All children must wear their appropriate school shoes within the school building.

Should your child not attend school in full and correct uniform, a spare uniform will be provided for that school day. Should there be a repeated pattern of incorrect uniform you will be invited in for a meeting with the phase leader.

Our uniform is:

· Smart black shoes or plain black trainers with no markings or colours.

· Black trousers or formal black shorts in the summer.

· Black skirts or pinafore dresses.

· Blue checked summer dresses.

· White polo shirt.

· Navy blue jumper or cardigan (plain or with the school logo)

· White socks.

Our PE uniform is:

· Plain white T-shirt.

· Plain shorts – blue or black.

· Plimsolls for indoor PE.

· Trainers for outdoor PE.

· A tracksuit may be worn in cold weather.

Please note leggings are not suitable as black trousers, but may be worn under skirts instead of tights.

School gates and the car park

There is no parent parking available in the school car park and pedestrians are asked not to walk through the car park due to the volume of traffic at that time of day. Children who arrive at school via a pre-arranged taxi will be dropped off at the taxi point.

We provide a bike shelter for children who ride their bikes or scooters to school. Parents who wish to use this should provide a suitable bicycle lock. We politely ask all children to not ride their bikes within the school grounds.

The school gate opens at 8.35am and is locked at 9.00am. If you arrive after 9.00am, your child will be registered as late and will need to enter the school via the main school office.

At the end of the day the gates will be open from 2.50pm until 3.30pm. If you are collecting your child from an after school club they will be dismissed from the main school office.

Start of the day routines

The school doors open at 8.45am, a TA is stood on each door to take messages and greet the children. It is important that as your child moves through the school we help them develop their         independence.

Nursery and Reception

Please escort your child into the classroom, you can help them find their pegs, pass on any messages to staff and ensure they are settled.

Year 1

Year 1 is a very important year for our pupils, as they move into the main school they may need your help in September, please  assist them by helping with their coats and escort them to the classroom door. Once your child knows the routine please begin to say goodbye at the main doors.

By Christmas all year 1 children should feel confident saying  goodbye to their adults at the main door.

Year 2 upwards

Please note parents from year 2 upwards should not be entering the classrooms or corridors in the morning.

From September 2016 we must insist that all parents say goodbye at the main doors , this will mean that the corridors will be less crowded and busy, allowing children to quickly settle into class each morning.

Thank you to all parents for their support with this, by developing childrens independence this allows us to ensure that the corridoors are calm and clear in the mornings. There will always be an adult on each door to greet the children and pass on any messages.