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Bayards Hill Primary School

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First Formal Meeting

Today marked our first formal meeting as a School Council!

At the beginning of the meeting, we all introduced ourselves, looked at the process of meetings, and talked about the different terms that we’ll be using.

We created a glossary to help us!

  1. An agenda – A list of things to be discussed
  2. Any other business – Things that are not on the agenda
  3. Minutes - Notes of discussions at the last meeting
  4. Discussion - A chance for everyone to have their say
  5. Action point - A job or task that needs doing
  6.  Votes - A way of making a decision
  7. Majority - When most people agree about something
  8. Apologies - Message from people that cannot attend

The minutes of our meetings will be printed on yellow paper, and added to our School Council Board every week, so that everyone can stay up to date with what’s been discussed.

The second part of our meeting was a discussion about what we’d like to do as a School Council. We made a big list of all of our ideas which included fundraising, working on our school’s outside environment, and thoughts about the next Fab 50.

Our first Action Point is to keep these ideas in our heads as we walk around school, and see if there is anything else we think of that we can bring to our next meeting on Thursday 18th January.