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Bayards Hill Primary School

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  • Welcome back!

    Published 19/04/18, by Jennifer Fiddaman

    The Councillors begin planning Bayards Got Talent 2018!

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  • Spring Design Competition Winners

    Published 22/03/18, by Jennifer Fiddaman

    During this week's meeting, the Council judged the competition entries, shortlisting 3 from each class and voting for the final winners.

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  • Let the Fundraising Commence!

    Published 08/03/18, by Jennifer Fiddaman

    The School Council Vote on Fundraising

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  • An invitation to the Headteacher...

    Published 01/03/18, by Jennifer Fiddaman

    Mrs Medley came to our meeting today to hear our proposals for the Nature Area.

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  • Nature Area Discoveries

    Published 22/02/18, by Jennifer Fiddaman

    Big Ideas and Exciting Discoveries!

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  • Councillors Begin To Plan!

    Published 08/02/18, by Jennifer Fiddaman
    During our meeting in the last week of this half term, Councillors began to discuss the specifics of the outside area. Ideas were pitched and possible ground plans were drawn up.  We're looking forward to getting stuck in to the detail af
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  • Councillors Adventure Outside

    Published 25/01/18, by Jennifer Fiddaman

    The School Council set to planning our Nature Area!

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  • Second Meeting

    Published 18/01/18, by Jennifer Fiddaman

    Today we had a visiting speaker at our meeting!

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  • First Formal Meeting

    Published 11/01/18, by Jennifer Fiddaman

    Today marked our first formal meeting as a School Council!

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  • Pennies for Pudsey… Grand Total announced!

    Published 27/11/17, by Jennifer Fiddaman
    Last week, members of Year 5 and Year 6 have been helping to count the pennies during lunch time. It took over ten volunteers two days to count the coins into bags, ready for donating to the charity. During assembly today, the grand total was anno
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  • Christmas Fair Donations

    Published 24/11/17, by Jennifer Fiddaman

    Councillors Collect Goodies!

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  • Pennies for Pudsey

    Published 17/11/17, by Jennifer Fiddaman

    School Council lead our Children in Need event!

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