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Bayards Hill Primary School

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Attendance Success Continues

After a super busy term we have ended  on a high with our 'Marathon' End of Term Attendance Assembly. 150 children received 100% certificates and 120 received 96%+ certificates. That's 270 certificates altogether, which means  64% of the whole school have very good or outstanding attendance. This is a massive achievement and we are very proud. Whole school attendance continues to rise and we have ended the term at 96.6% which is up .6% on last year. This would have been even higher if we hadn't't had the snow!!

Every term we have a prize draw for all children that achieve 100%. This terms prize was a Christmas Hamper made by Mrs Germain, the winner was Iman in Harmony Class. 

Each half term the class with the highest attendance wins a Tea Party. This half term the winning class is Baroque. The tea party will be tomorrow at 10am. 

Thank you to Mrs Germain and the attendance team for their hard work in ensuring attendance is on everyone's agenda and that it continues to improve. Thank you also to the PTA who donated selection boxes for the Tea Party.