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Bayards Hill Primary School

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Amazing Science Fair

This week we had was our first Bayards Hill Science Fair. Pupils in Years 4-6 worked hard during science week on wowing us with their experiments and yesterday they all came into the hall to share them with teachers, younger pupils and real scientist.

During the Science Fair everyone got to vote. I found casting my vote really hard but in the end I went for the experiment that not only amazed me the most, but also where a really good scientific explanation was given.

I especially liked all the hands-on experiments. Whilst at the fair I put a pencil through a bag of water without getting wet; I dropped a mug without smashing it and I raced a car down a ramp. When asked 'What have you learned ?', one of the displays answered,  'That science is fun!'. I agree I had the most fun I've had in ages at the Science Fair- I cant wait for next years.


Everyone who visited the fair had a vote.
'Hole in the Hand' was scary yet amazing.
Experiments were discussed with actual scientists.
Y6 discussing their experiments with teachers.