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Bayards Hill Primary School

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Spotlight on Improving Teaching

''Good is the enemy of Great''

So we dont want to be good at teaching we want to be great!

Here at Bayards Hill we are always looking for ways to improve our teaching. We started by training all the teachers and teaching assistants to teach Read Write Inc. Phonics. We have spent over £50,000 on training and resources for this new programme and last year the percentage of Year 1 pupils who passed the government phonics screen increased by 12%. In July 2016 we became a Read Write Inc. trained school which means we are recognised for the high quality teaching of the programme.

Phonics is mainly for Reception to Year 2, in Years 3-6 we teach Language and Literacy. Mr Foster leads this and next week we will be visited by a consultant who will help us improve our teaching of the programme.

Mrs Robinson leads on teaching and learning and she has worked with the Mulberry Bush Teaching School to develop a teacher to teacher coaching programme using Iris Video coaching technology. Teachers will share videos of themselves teaching so they can get advice on how to improve their lessons.

You may have noticed your child saying that maths is harder this year. This is because the new curriculum for maths is much hard and teachers are now teaching to this raised expectation. This year we have Miss Law working with us to help us improve maths teaching. She has trained all teachers on how to use practical resources to teach maths and has also worked with us to improve our understanding of fractions so that we can all teach it better.

As you can see improving teaching is top priority for us. Our children deserve the best so we want teaching at Bayards Hill to be not just good but great.

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