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Welcome to our website we are really excited about having this new tool to communicate with  parents and to show off all the fantastic things we are doing here. Look out for all our exciting blogs. I will try my best to update mine regularly with interesting news about the life of our school.

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  • Even Bigger - Being a Global Citizen

    Published 03/06/18, by Rachel Medley

    Tuesday 5th June is World Environment Day the theme this year is Beat Plastic Pollution.

    During Mondays Assembly we looked at the harm plastic is causing our planet and we discussed simple ways we can stop harmful plastic getting into our rivers, oceans and ultimately into marine life.

    Take a minute to watch this Newsround video for more information and visit the UN World Environment Day website to see how you can get involved.

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  • Go Karts in school... again

    Published 07/02/18, by Rachel Medley

    Today was our end of half term Fab 50 event and we had the Go Karts back because they were such good fun last time.

    The children had a really great time and the Go Kart staff said we were the best behaved school they have ever been to.

    Well done children yet again you have been a credit to the school and made your teachers proud. 

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  • Attendance Success Continues

    Published 18/12/17, by Rachel Medley

    After a super busy term we have ended  on a high with our 'Marathon' End of Term Attendance Assembly. 150 children received 100% certificates and 120 received 96%+ certificates. That's 270 certificates altogether, which means  64% of the whole school have very good or outstanding attendance. This is a massive achievement and we are very proud. Whole school attendance continues to rise and we have ended the term at 96.6% which is up .6% on last year. This would have been even higher if we hadn't't had the snow!!

    Every term we have a prize draw for all children that achieve 100%. This terms prize was a Christmas Hamper made by Mrs Germain, the winner was Iman in Harmony Class. 

    Each half term the class with the highest attendance wins a Tea Party. This half term the winning class is Baroque. The tea party will be tomorrow at 10am. 

    Thank you to Mrs Germain and the attendance team for their hard work in ensuring attendance is on everyone's agenda and that it continues to improve. Thank you also to the PTA who donated selection boxes for the Tea Party. 

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  • Year 6 Book Club

    Published 01/12/17, by Rachel Medley

    Who is Aunt Eda and why does she have such strange rules?

    If you want to know the answer ask a member of the Y6 Book Club.

    The Y6 book club meets each Monday evening from 3-4pm. We spend time discussing a book together and then reading a bit more at home. This term we are reading 'Shadow Forest' by Matt Haig. It's a mystery book about two children who get lost in the strange forest behind their aunts house. In their attempt to get home, they meet all sorts of weird creatures like two-headed trolls, witches and a truth pixie!

    Will they get home safely or will the Shadow Forest keep them trapped forever?

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  • School Council - Election Campaign underway¬†

    Published 06/10/17, by Rachel Medley

    Our School Council election campaign is now in full swing. On Wednesday and Thursday we had assemblies where all those who wanted to stand for election gave their speeches. All the candidates are now working hard to get others to vote for them and 'Vote for me!' posters have started appearing all over the school.  Teachers hide your blue-tack! 

    Next week we will hold a whole school election where everyone gets to cast their votes. 

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  • Amazing Science Fair

    Published 16/06/17, by Rachel Medley

    This week we had was our first Bayards Hill Science Fair. Pupils in Years 4-6 worked hard during science week on wowing us with their experiments and yesterday they all came into the hall to share them with teachers, younger pupils and real scientist.

    During the Science Fair everyone got to vote. I found casting my vote really hard but in the end I went for the experiment that not only amazed me the most, but also where a really good scientific explanation was given.

    I especially liked all the hands-on experiments. Whilst at the fair I put a pencil through a bag of water without getting wet; I dropped a mug without smashing it and I raced a car down a ramp. When asked 'What have you learned ?', one of the displays answered,  'That science is fun!'. I agree I had the most fun I've had in ages at the Science Fair- I cant wait for next years.

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  • Power cut closes school

    Published 17/05/17, by Rachel Medley

    Command Central- With phone lines down staff did well to as many reach parents as possible.

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  • Parent Forum

    Published 21/03/17, by Rachel Medley

    We had a great time chatting about issues in the school over tea and cakes this morning. Thank you to all that attended and please look out for the imporvements we will soon be making based on your feedback.

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  • Spotlight on Improving Teaching

    Published 16/02/17, by Rachel Medley

    ''Good is the enemy of Great''

    So we dont want to be good at teaching we want to be great!

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  • Attendance Tea Party

    Published 16/02/17, by Rachel Medley
    This terms Head teachers tea party winners were Elgar. I had the pleasure of announcing that they  had not only achieved100% attendance this week but had also won the party invite. The class were so excited that Mr Waite had to&nb
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  • Surprise Pantomime

    Published 09/02/17, by Rachel Medley

    We had a wonderful surprise treat today as we were offered a performance of Peter Pan absolutely free. The performance by M&M Theatrical Productions was excellent, all the school joined in and had an amazing time laughing at the characters and singing along with the songs. Please ask your children what they enjoyed about the performance. 

    We thought it was so good that we booked a repeat production of The Hobbit for September at just £2 per child we think it will be well worth it. For more picture please visit the gallery.

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  • Spotlight on Attendance

    Published 02/12/16, by Rachel Medley

    Attendance Hits Record High at Bayards Hill

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