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  • World Cup Project!

    Published 05/06/18, by Classical Class

    The start of the FIFA World Cup is now under two weeks away! Today Jazz and Classical classes were set their term 6 homework project! To make a factfile on a team they chose out of a hat at the end of today!

    Please encourage your child to look out for their team during the tournament and to find out everything they can about their country!

    The project is due on Friday 13th July, just two days before the World Cup final!

    Good luck to you and your team for the tournament!

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  • Athletics training!

    Published 05/06/18, by Classical Class

    The start of term 6 means one thing......getting ready for our school sports day! Today we practised some 40 metre sprints, and looked at how we need to pace ourselves for a longer distance endurance run!

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  • Bayards Got Talent Semi-Finalists

    Published 28/05/18, by Classical Class

    Here are the Jazz semi-finalists for the Bayards Got Talent competition 2018.  Good luck for the next round!

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  • Our Roman Warriors...

    Published 21/05/18, by Classical Class

    Jazz and Classical classes took part in Roman Day on Monday. It was a fantastic day and one in which the children will certainly remember for a long time. 

    We began the day with a gladiatorial catwalk to show off our brilliant costumes. When we returned to class we had to show off some culinary skills, making some classic Roman bread and tasting some of the very vegetables that the Romans brought over to our country with them when they invaded.

    In the afternoon we took part in some weapons training on a device called 'the pell', which prepared us for a battle between both classes! They went head to head and staged the theatrical battle scene which you can view in the video below! 

    A huge thank you to the parents who supported the event, both at our catwalk and in providing the children with their costumes!

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  • Tag Rugby!

    Published 15/05/18, by Classical Class

    Year 3 have been learning all about Tag Rugby during PE this term! First of all we learnt how to correctly pass a rugby ball in order to improve our chances of keeping possession, then we added the tag belts to the mix. These belts are used as defenders attempt to prevent the other team scoring by "tagging" – pulling a velcro attached tag from the ball carrier, rather than a full contact tackle.

    Next lesson we will be completing a full Tag Rugby match to conclude our learning about the game!

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  • Active Capacity...

    Published 11/05/18, by Classical Class

    Year 3 took part in an active maths session today pairing volumes in millimetres and adding and subtracting the pairs. We worked hard and completed lots of number calculations.

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  • Golf Club begins!

    Published 10/05/18, by Classical Class

    Mr Brown and Mr Carbon began the brand new year 3 golf club today! We focused on the basic aspects of the game, including sportsmanship, good manners, posture, hand-eye coordination and patience and discussed the equipment needed to play.

    The children had a lot of fun and began working on developing a basic swing technique. Next week we will look at the many rules of the game!

    If you have not signed your child up for the club yet, please do not hesitate to in the school office, or see me at the end of the school day.

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  • Getting into character!

    Published 04/05/18, by Classical Class

    In literacy we have been looking at mystery stories! Today we had to delve deep into the minds of our individual characters and act out an interview between suspects and their interrogators! Some children played the parts of Adil and Katie, two children who were trying to solve a complex mystery. Others took on the role of a suspect and had to come up with a alibi to prove their innocence! The dialogue exchanges that took place were then written up in our big write books.

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  • Friday means active maths!

    Published 04/05/18, by Classical Class

    Today Jazz class completed their weekly active maths session outside. During the lesson the children had to negotiate 12 separate challenge stations and complete calculations based on capacitities and fractions!

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  • Reflecting light!

    Published 01/05/18, by Classical Class

    This afternoon during science we looked at how different objects reflect light. We discovered that objects with shiny surfaces reflected light far more effectively than those with dull surfaces.

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  • Oxfordshire FA Girls Football Festival!

    Published 30/04/18, by Classical Class

    Some of the girls from Jazz and Classical classes travelled to Bicester today to take part in a girls football festival, organised by the Oxfordshire FA. 

    Our girls played in 5 matches and took part in various skill sessions. Highlights from the day included having loads of fun, making new friends and winning two matches 5-1 and 4-0. Well done girls, you represented Bayards Hill excellently!

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  • Jazz meet Julius Caesar!

    Published 27/04/18, by Classical Class

    Jazz class stepped back to 50BC yesterday during their history lesson! They prepared some questons to ask Roman General Julius Caesar who made a flying visit whilst in Oxford. He told tales of his politics in Rome, his two invasions of Britannia and even gave details about his death in 44BC!

    I wonder if he'll be back to see us on our Roman day?

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