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  • 100% Attendance

    Published 18/07/18, by Classical Class

    Well done to these members of Classical Class who have achieved 100% attendance for the Summer term.

    Eight of these children also achieved 100% Attendance for the WHOLE school year- this is a fantastic achievement, well done!

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  • Term 6 Country Projects

    Published 13/07/18, by Classical Class

    Well done to the majority of Classical Class for bringing there fantastic projects in today. They are displayed on our wall if you have time to pop in and see them. The information the children have written is informative and well researched.  You should be proud of your achievements.

    I am expecting the remaining 8 projects in on Monday please.

    And good luck to the World Cup finalist countries on Sunday!!

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  • Boys and Girls Football Tournament

    Published 12/07/18, by Classical Class

    17 boys and girls from Year 3 took part in an U9s Football Tournament today.  The tournament was held at Windmill Primary School and involved all of our partnership schools.

    All pupils played very well and the girls team went on to win their part of the tournament!  The children behaved impeccably and were a pleasure to take.

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  • The Bayards Hill Open!

    Published 12/07/18, by Classical Class

    With only one week to go before the 147th Open Championship at Carnoustie, we had our very own end of term year 3 golf competition after school today. Over 25 children competed to win the prize! 

    The children had to tackle 9 difficult holes and work out their scores along the way. Ollie ended up as our eventual winner, after a dramatic play off with Keyana after they both posted a score of 30 (+3). Everyone had great fun in the sunshine and were outstanding competitors! Golf club will be back at Bayards Hill in Spring 2019!

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  • A Sunny Day at the Botanic Gardens

    Published 02/07/18, by Classical Class

    Classical Class have enjoyed a sunny and warm day exploring flowers, plants, trees and bees at the Oxford Botanic Gardens.  Emma looked after us for the day and taught us about bee pollination, seed dispersal, flower observation and dissection.

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  • More athletics...jumping in various forms!

    Published 25/06/18, by Classical Class

    We incorporated jumping when running with hurdles and sack races and then practised our standing jump - could we go further each time?  Next week - throwing!

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  • Get grouting...

    Published 25/06/18, by Classical Class

    Time to get messy with our mosaics...sticking the tiles down with grout - a very careful job!  Hopefully next week we will be able to blog the finished mosaics.

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  • Mosaics in Art

    Published 15/06/18, by Classical Class

    This week we have taken our drawn designs and made them into mosaics with coloured tiles.  The children worked hard to get their designs precise with a Roman link.  Have a look at some of our creattions below.

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  • Science Week - Cheney Science

    Published 13/06/18, by Classical Class

    Year 3 were lucky to get a visit from a Scientist from Cheney.  She showed us some fantastic experiments with water.  We learned that heat makes water move upward and when it cools it falls back down.  We looked at how a lava lamp works and watched a tea bag fly in the air because of the heat!  

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  • World Cup Project!

    Published 05/06/18, by Classical Class

    The start of the FIFA World Cup is now under two weeks away! Today Jazz and Classical classes were set their term 6 homework project! To make a factfile on a team they chose out of a hat at the end of today!

    Please encourage your child to look out for their team during the tournament and to find out everything they can about their country!

    The project is due on Friday 13th July, just two days before the World Cup final!

    Good luck to you and your team for the tournament!

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  • Summer term Athletics!

    Published 05/06/18, by Classical Class

    I love this time of year when we get do athletics in PE! - even more so when the sun shines too! On Monday we started by practising our sprinting and middle distance. We thought about starting positions as well as the use of our arms and how they can help us with speed. Watch this space for more athletic developments!

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  • Active Measuring...

    Published 28/05/18, by Classical Class

    Once the rain had past we managed to get outside for some work on measuring.  The children worked in pairs to throw a bean bag each, measure the distance thrown in cm and then to add and subtract the two measurements.  To go for gold they had to order all the distances they had thrown from longest to shortest.  We had fun!!

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