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Bayards Hill Primary School

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Harps Class

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  • Matching and sorting

    Published 06/07/18, by Harps Class

    The youngest Harps had a great time using the iPads.

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  • Playing in the shade!

    Published 26/06/18, by Harps Class

    The nursery children enjoyed writing letters to each other outside in the shade; in the den that Mrs Isichei built!

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  • Handa’s Surprise

    Published 17/05/18, by Harps Class

    We are continuing our journey around the world and have arrived in Africa this week.

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  • Pencil control!

    Published 11/05/18, by Harps Class

    The Harps have all been working really hard on holding their pens and pencils correctly when they make marks, draw and write.  Fantastic work Harps, keep it up! 

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  • We’re off to China this week!

    Published 09/05/18, by Harps Class

    We’re learning all about China this week. The children have met a Chinese dragon and have been practising some Chinese writing. 

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  • Our journey around the world continues!

    Published 04/05/18, by Harps Class

    This week we have been learning about India. 

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  • Bonjour from the Harps!

    Published 27/04/18, by Harps Class

    We have been learning about France this week.

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  • Welcome back after the break!

    Published 19/04/18, by Harps Class

    The children are settling back in very well after the break and we are also welcoming some new starters this term. 

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  • Polar bears on parade!

    Published 01/02/18, by Harps Class

    We have been finding out about animals that like to live in cold climates.  We have been sharing lots of stories about polar bears and the other animals.

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  • Bird Watching!

    Published 23/01/18, by Harps Class

    We are continuing with our winter theme and this week will be learning about how to look after birds in the winter.

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  • Here Comes Jack Frost

    Published 19/01/18, by Harps Class

    Our theme this term in 'Winter'.  

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  • Happy New Year!

    Published 05/01/18, by Harps Class

    Sharing stories!

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