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Bayards Hill Primary School

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  • Settling in!

    Published 14/09/17, by Melody Class

    The children have been exploring and getting to know their new classroom.

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  • Reading with Year 3

    Published 07/04/17, by Melody Class

    Story time

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  • Superhero afternoon...

    Published 27/03/17, by Melody Class

    Parents/Carers we would love you to come along at 2pm on Friday to our superhero afternoon. We will have a great selection of superhero activities available and finish the session with our story Supertato.

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  • Money, money, money

    Published 17/03/17, by Melody Class

    This week we have been learning to count the value of different coins.

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  • Owl Babies

    Published 20/09/16, by Melody Class

    We have been learning the story 'Owl Babies' 

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  • Hello from Melody Class

    Published 13/09/16, by Melody Class

    Paper Plate Faces

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  • Dinosaur Stomp!

    Published 20/06/16, by Melody Class

    In Melody Class we have been learning about dinosaurs, and we have learnt the words and actions to our new favourite Dinosaur Stomp song! Im sure if you ask, your child will gladly show you how to dinosaur stomp.... If they haven't already taught you!!!!

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  • Melody's Talent Superstars!!!

    Published 20/06/16, by Melody Class

    A huge congratulations to Georgia, Elizabeth, Sara, Courtney, Ruby, Summer, Amelia and Lottie, who Performed at this afternoons Bayards Has Talent Contest. The girls did an ablsolutley spectacular job performing the hit song (and class favourite) 'LET IT GO'. A big thankyou to Mrs Stevens for organising it and practising with the girls! it was an act not to be missed and they all looked fantastic!

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  • Meeting Dash

    Published 20/06/16, by Melody Class

    We were pretty impressed by Dash's cool bed in Melody. He got to ride around the circle in his bed while the children gave him a pat and paid him attention! What a good life Dash has!!!

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  • We met Dash!

    Published 20/06/16, by Melody Class

    On Thursday afternoon, Melody Class got to meet the school guinea pig (Dash!) they found out about what he ate, what he does and they each got to pat him! We cant wait for Dash's next visit!

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  • PE in Reception

    Published 15/06/16, by Melody Class

    Melody Class had their frist PE lesson on thursday in preparation for year 1! They (kind of!) managed to successfully get themselves changed for PE, and then back into their school uniforms! 

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  • Squirrel watching

    Published 09/06/16, by Melody Class

    In Melody Class we have been doing some squirrel watching. We often see the squirrels hiding in the plants or the trees, watching us through the window.

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