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  • A Wonderful Afternoon Classifying Invertebrates.

    Published 15/11/17, by Octave Class

    Octave class worked together to sort and classify invertebrates. Then we created posters and presented facts about the different types of invertebrates to each other. Great team work!

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  • Violin Concert

    Published 11/07/17, by Octave Class

    Octave Violin Concert!

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  • Swimming

    Published 09/05/17, by Octave Class

    Well done the swimmers!

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  • Year 3 & 4 Easter Service

    Published 04/04/17, by Classical Class

    Easter is here...

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  • Swimming Monday!

    Published 19/03/17, by Octave Class

    Swimming Monday

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  • P.E. & Swimming

    Published 26/02/17, by Octave Class

    P.E. & Swimming

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  • Great Day for Octave

    Published 21/09/16, by Octave Class

    Code of conduct works on day 1 !

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  • What a great first week !

    Published 12/09/16, by Octave Class

    Well done Octave from Mr Kenyon

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  • Jazmin's Magnetic Holiday

    Published 12/09/16, by Octave Class

    Jazmin Investigates !

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  • Our 'Day Out' !

    Published 08/06/16, by Octave Class

    Octave go to College and visit Narnia !

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  • Well Done from Mr Kenyon

    Published 18/03/16, by Octave Class

    Well done Octave for all getting 30 minutes Golden Time for the second week running !

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  • Race to 50!

    Published 04/03/16, by Octave Class

    A blog by Abraham. 

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