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Bayards Hill Primary School

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Reading Book  - Days & Systems

Reading Books

In year 2 your child should bring home two books a week.

1) A RWI book - this is a small book that uses simple phonic sounds and phrases. It is the same book that they are using in their phonics group. During the week you should practice reading it each day, running through the speed sounds at the back of the book and asking simple questions to check they have understood the book.

2) A library book - this is a book that your child has chosen from our library, it should be a book they really enjoy and they want to share with you.

If they are receiving additional help and support with reading your child may also bring home another book that is linked to a traditional reading 'stage'. Not all children will need to bring home these books and we hope they will progress through the stages quickly to enable them to access and enjoy the library books.

When will my child's reading book be changed?

Each Monday your child will bring home a new RWI book and also be given the opportunity to visit the library to choose a book for themselves.

If your child is receiving additional support with reading they will also bring home an additional reading book on a Wednesday or a Friday, depending on when they have finished their book.

How do I let you know my child's book needs to be changed?

By year 2 children should be confident letting the teacher know when their book needs to be changed. If they want to change their library book they should put their book bag in our book bag box on Monday morning.

If they are receiving additional support and want their extra reading book changed, they should put this in the book bag box on Wednesday or Friday morning.

If you have any questions please remember that a member of staff is available on the main doors each morning, they will be happy to pass on any messages or help remind your child to put their book bag in the box.