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Bayards Hill Primary School

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Rhyming Rockets and food tasting!

Rhyming Rockets and Experiencing the sense of taste!

This week the children have been learning about British Values. They have been finding out and exploring why they are unique and how we are all different and have different stories and families that make us who we are. In science, they had great fun learning about taste and trying lots of different foods, including olives, dark chocolate and lemon! We were the trying to describe them using the best describing words we could think of! 

We ended the week with a visit from CBeebies and it was a great show. The children loved it and didn't want to go to home at then the end of getting day!

This weeks star writer was Marley and role model was Lilly. Well done to you both. 

Parents, please remember that attendance in year 1 is still really important. Last week an information leaflet went home advising of what to do if your child has a tummy ache/cold/headache etc. Please try to send your child to school every day even if they feel poorly as we find they mostly start to feel better once they get involved in activities! 

Thank you

Mrs Pringle