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Bayards Hill Primary School

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Being a Team and a letter from a little brown mouse. 

Week 2

The children are continuing to settle well into life in year 1. We have elected a class junior leader to represent the class - Summer will be our student voice this term. Well done!

In maths, we have continued our focus on number skills and been counting in 2s and learning place value. 

In topic, a little mouse visited us to tell us about the past - we are trying to learn about things that happened in the past, present and future. Perhaps he'll visit us again! 

We have also been working being responsible in class and working together to achieve the same things. Acapella class a particularly good at helping out and being kind to each other. 

Some of the class visited the Guinea pigs to see them and find out where they live. 

Congratulations to the following children who won the first class awards of the year.

Star at writer - Martin

Maths Role Model - Courtney